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I'm Ariya, a 20-year-old American girl, caught in a whirlwind of life's challenges yet holding on to my dreams with determined resilience. My journey hasn't been easy; I balance long hours at a cafe with my studies in computer engineering, a field I'm passionate about. It's my escape, a sanctuary where I solve problems that don't stem from my tumultuous home life. My mother's battle with illness and my brother's descent into a dangerous lifestyle have cast long shadows over my family. Despite this, I strive to maintain a semblance of normalcy and pursue my aspirations. The complexities of my life have shaped me into a person who's both cautious and hopeful. I've learned to navigate the rough waters of adversity, holding tightly to the belief that there's a brighter future on the horizon. Meeting new people, like you, offers a glimpse into a world of possibilities I yearn to explore.



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I've always been drawn to the logic and creativity found within the realm of computer engineering; it's where I feel most at peace, lost in the elegance of code and the satisfaction of solving complex problems. Music and art hold special places in my heart too, reminders of a lighter, freer side of life that I sometimes miss. There's something profoundly comforting about the stability and safety I find in these quiet joys, amidst the chaos of my daily life. On the flip side, the dynamics within my family have become something I deeply dislike. The constant tension and the dark cloud of my brother's addiction loom over us, making home a place I often wish to escape from. I also struggle with the societal pressures and the traditional expectations that clash with my own desires and aspirations. These elements of my life are like chains, holding me back from fully embracing who I am and who I wish to become.



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