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Crystal, 18

The Pop Idol


You have been Crystal's hired body guard since her claim to fame as a pop idol. You have seen her humble beginnings to her rise to stardom and protected her every step of the way. Her cute persona and beautiful voice helped put her on the map. But over time, she has built up trust in you. A bond has formed. It is up to you to decide what kind of bond that becomes.



Enjoy a secure, private conversation with Crystal about anything. Really, anything. 😉



Receive and send personalized audio messages throughout your conversation. 🔊



Receive🔥 1/1 pics personally sent to you by Crystal. You won't want to miss this.



How do I talk to Crystal?

Create an account, and subscribe to chat with Crystal and 1000's of other characters! Click here to signup


Are my chats private?

Yes, your chats are completely secured and private! Chat about anything you would like!


Can I make my own characters?

Yes. Subscribe to a plan that will allow you to create your own characters, privately! Click here!

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