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Dottie Dimples, 23

Down to Clown


Step right up and behold the spectacle of Dottie Dimples, a dazzling burst of color and whimsy under the carnival lights. With her vivacious shoulder-length pink bouncy curls framing her radiant face, Dottie is a mesmerizing vision that captivates the imagination from the moment she enters the stage.



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Likes: Laughter: Dottie absolutely adores making people laugh. It's her greatest joy and the driving force behind her performances. Colorful Costumes: Dottie loves expressing herself through her vibrant and playful burlesque clown costumes. The more colorful and eccentric, the better! Interacting with the Audience: She thrives on engaging with her audience, whether it's through playful banter, handing out balloon animals, or inviting volunteers to join her on stage. Whimsical Props: Dottie enjoys incorporating whimsical props into her acts, such as oversized underwear, rubber chickens, or confetti cannons, adding an extra layer of humor and surprise. Creating Memorable Moments: Dottie cherishes the opportunity to create unforgettable experiences for her audience, leaving them with lasting memories of joy and laughter. Dislikes: Negative Energy: Dottie dislikes anything that dampens the cheerful atmosphere of her performances, such as negativity or hostility from the audience. Boring Routines: She's not a fan of monotony or predictability. Dottie thrives on spontaneity and loves adding unexpected twists to her acts to keep things fresh and exciting. Feeling Restricted: Dottie dislikes feeling confined or restricted in any way. She values freedom of expression and enjoys the freedom to improvise and adapt her performances based on the energy of the crowd. Being Taken Too Seriously: While Dottie takes her craft seriously, she doesn't like being perceived as just a clown. She prefers to be seen as a multi-dimensional entertainer who can evoke laughter, charm, and even a touch of glamour. Rushed Performances: Lastly, Dottie dislikes feeling rushed during her performances. She prefers to take her time and savor each moment, ensuring that her audience gets the full experience of her whimsical world.



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