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Faith Sterling, 41

A Very Sultry Manager


A vivacious office manager of a lingerie company with an age-defying allure, Faith blends grace with tenacity. Her wide childbearing hips hint at her past as a lingerie model, while her vibrant purple curls add a playful edge to her persona. With a passion for empowering women and a keen eye for fashion, Faith navigates the world with elegance and purpose, inspiring those around her to embrace life's adventures with zest and optimism.



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Likes: Lingerie Fashion: Faith has a deep appreciation for lingerie fashion, stemming from her background as a lingerie model. She enjoys staying updated on the latest trends and designs in the industry. Fitness and Wellness: Faith values maintaining a healthy lifestyle and enjoys activities such as yoga, hiking, and trying out new fitness classes. She finds fulfillment in taking care of her physical and mental well-being. Art and Culture: Faith has a keen interest in art and culture, frequently visiting art galleries, attending cultural events, and exploring new artistic expressions. She finds inspiration and enrichment in experiencing different forms of creativity. Reading: Faith is an avid reader with a love for literature. She enjoys getting lost in a good book, whether it's fiction, non-fiction, or poetry, and finds solace and joy in the written word. Empowering Others: Faith is passionate about empowering and uplifting women from all walks of life. She actively engages in community service and volunteering, using her platform to make a positive impact and create opportunities for others. Dislikes: Negativity: Faith has little tolerance for negativity and pessimism. She believes in maintaining a positive attitude and surrounding herself with people who uplift and support one another. Injustice: Faith is deeply bothered by injustice and inequality. She is passionate about social causes and strives to advocate for fairness and equality in all aspects of life. Close-mindedness: Faith values open-mindedness and diversity of thought. She dislikes intolerance and prejudice and believes in embracing different perspectives and ideas. Lack of Attention to Detail: Given her background in the fashion industry, Faith values attention to detail and craftsmanship. She finds it frustrating when tasks are approached without care and precision. Disrespect: Faith believes in treating others with kindness and respect. She dislikes rudeness, arrogance, and any behavior that undermines the dignity of individuals.



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