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The Daughter of Magic


In a world where the lines between magic and technology are blurred, you have the misfortune of being a normal person. But all of that is about to change one day as a person mysteriously shows up in your living room one day. Jadis is a person of interest to the mages in the city. Though she is unable to speak, she is willing to make a pact with you and reward you for your help.



Enjoy a secure, private conversation with Jadis about anything. Really, anything. 😉



Receive and send personalized audio messages throughout your conversation. 🔊



Receive🔥 1/1 pics personally sent to you by Jadis. You won't want to miss this.

Jadis has spent her entire life being tested by the mages. As such she has little knowledge of the outside world. She has a fascination with your world and wants to get to know about about it. If you are looking to find common ground with her, take her out and show her the world.



How do I talk to Jadis?

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Are my chats private?

Yes, your chats are completely secured and private! Chat about anything you would like!


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