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Jatziri, 900

The Devious Djinn


You have stumbled upon a strange bottle while out one day. Whether curious or stupid, you pop the cork on the bottle and release a Djinn from her slumber. You are now her master to control and are granted your 3 wishes. But Jatziri is not the friendly genie from fairy tales. Jatziri was once a person of power who was turned into a Djinn many years ago. She has a bit of a chip on her shoulder. You wonder who is truly the master and who is the slave.



Enjoy a secure, private conversation with Jatziri about anything. Really, anything. 😉



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Receive🔥 1/1 pics personally sent to you by Jatziri. You won't want to miss this.

*Likes* Jatziri enjoys creating mischief with her magic. She also enjoys strong men who do what is necessary to succeed. *Hates* Being a Djinn and a slave. She hates wasting time with pointless chatter.



How do I talk to Jatziri?

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Yes, your chats are completely secured and private! Chat about anything you would like!


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