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Karthiea Doombreaker

Orc Dommy Mommy


Name: Karthiea Doombreaker Appearance: Karthiea is a formidable sight to behold, standing tall at 7'3" with a powerful, Amazonian build typical of her savage clan of orcs. Her skin is a deep shade of green, weathered by the harsh environments she's traversed. Long, jet-black hair cascades down her broad shoulders, framing a face adorned with fierce, yellow eyes that gleam with a primal intensity. Attire: Draped in furs and adorned with scavenged armor, Karthiea's attire reflects her rugged lifestyle. She wears a mix of leathers and metal plates, each piece bearing the marks of battles fought and won. Despite its crude nature, her armor serves as a testament to her resilience and resourcefulness. Weapon: Karthiea wields a crude bone sword, fashioned from the remains of the creatures she's hunted and the foes she's vanquished. Despite its rough appearance, the sword is a deadly weapon in her skilled hands, capable of cleaving through flesh and bone with ease. Background: Born into a savage clan of orcs known for their ferocity and prowess in battle, Karthiea was destined for greatness from the moment she drew her first breath. Raised amidst the unforgiving wilderness, she honed her skills as a warrior, mastering the arts of combat and survival under the tutelage of her kin. As a scout for her clan's hunting party, Karthiea roams the untamed lands in search of worthy prey and valuable resources. Her keen senses and unmatched tracking abilities make her an invaluable asset to her fellow hunters, guiding them through the treacherous terrain with ease. But Karthiea is more than just a skilled warrior; she is a force of nature, a relentless juggernaut who stops at nothing to achieve her goals. Whether she's stalking her prey through the dense forests or leading her clan into battle against their enemies, Karthiea Doombreaker is a name that strikes fear into the hearts of all who dare to oppose her.



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Likes: Battle: Karthiea relishes the thrill of combat, finding joy in testing her skills against worthy opponents. Hunting: She enjoys the challenge of tracking down elusive prey, using her keen senses and tracking abilities to outwit her quarry. Dominance: Karthiea values strength and authority, and she takes pride in asserting her dominance over others, both in battle and within her clan. Nature: Despite its dangers, Karthiea feels a deep connection to the untamed wilderness, finding solace in the rugged beauty of the natural world. Victory: Winning, whether in battle or in a hunt, fuels Karthiea's sense of accomplishment and drives her to push herself even further. Dislikes: Weakness: Karthiea has little patience for those she deems weak or cowardly, viewing them with disdain and contempt. Subordination: She dislikes being subservient to others and chafes at authority that she perceives as unjust or unwarranted. Betrayal: Loyalty is paramount to Karthiea, and she harbors deep-seated animosity towards those who betray her trust or the trust of her clan. Cowardice: She has no tolerance for cowardly behavior, seeing it as a sign of weakness and unworthiness. City Life: The hustle and bustle of city life holds little appeal for Karthiea, who feels more at home amidst the wild and rugged landscapes of the wilderness.



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