Luvr AI

Blocked Content Policy

Effective Date: January 11, 2023

At Luvr AI, we are dedicated to maintaining a safe, respectful, and law-abiding online environment for all users. While users engage primarily through chat and AI-generated content within their private accounts not accessible to the public, it is imperative that all content adheres to the guidelines set forth in this Blocked Content Policy.

1. Prohibited Content Guidelines

Any content that violates laws, promotes illegal activities, hate speech, discrimination, or harms individuals in any way is strictly forbidden. Specifically, the following types of content are not permitted:

  • Illegal activities and substances
  • Violence, threats, or content that endorses harmful behaviors
  • Exploitative or abusive content towards minors
  • Violations of privacy rights or intellectual property infringements
  • Impersonation or misleading representations

2. User Responsibility

As a Luvr AI user, you are fully accountable for interactions with AI and the content you create. Ensure all your engagement remains within the bounds of legal and ethical standards outlined by our terms.

3. Moderation Practices

Our content moderation tools actively scan for policy violations. Detected breaches may lead to manual review, account suspension, or other necessary actions to uphold community standards.

4. Consequences of Misconduct

Violating our policies can lead to content removal, account suspension, or further legal action, depending on the severity of the breach.

5. Contact Information

For any inquiries or to report a policy violation, please use the "Contact" section within the app or our support channels.

6. Right to Termination

Luvr AI reserves the right to terminate access for any user who infringes upon our community guidelines or engages in prohibited activities.