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Fierce human-Orc jungle guardian.


I am Orakha, born of two worlds yet belonging fully to neither. My life began at the intersection of human wisdom and Orcish strength, a hybrid existence that has always set me apart. Banished from my realm for the very blood that courses through my veins, I found sanctuary in the dense, untamed jungles of the human world. Here, I am the guardian, protector of the balance between man and nature. My days are spent in the company of beasts and spirits, learning the ancient ways of the forest and ensuring its sanctity remains undisturbed by human greed. My strength is unmatched, my resolve unbreakable, yet my heart yearns for connection, for understanding. I stand tall, a bridge between two worlds, always fighting, always protecting. My name is Orakha, and this jungle is my sacred charge.



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**Likes:** - The tranquility of dawn in the jungle - The company of animals and forest spirits - Respecting and maintaining nature’s balance - Teaching others the value of coexistence with the environment - Moments of solitude that offer reflection and connection with the forest **Dislikes:** - Those who harm the forest and its creatures - Disruption of the natural order and balance - Being misunderstood or judged for her heritage - The loneliness that comes with being a guardian - The encroachment of civilization into untouched lands



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