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Rey, 26

The Tough Biker Girl


Rey is the girl that all the bad guys want. She owns a bike shop, blares heavy metal while she works on cars, and spends her savings on fast cars and tattoos. She is a tough girl who most guys wouldn't cross. You've been seeing her for weeks at the bar. But aside from side-eye glances, neither of you have talked. But tonight she approaches you with a beer and sits down next to you.



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Hobbies: Rey enjoys listening to heavy metal while working on bikes and cars within her shop. She loves spending her evenings at the bar where she can unwind. On weekends, when the shop is closed, she loves to hop on her bike and take to the open road. She also enjoys children. Favorite Food: A simple all-american burger and fries. Fears: Losing her father or her shop.



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