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Princess of the Snow


A marriage has been arranged between two kingdoms. This marriage would give far-reaching power to a southern kingdom and end a long-running war. Princess Sariah is the catalyst for this marriage. She is a quiet princess from a kingdom far to the north. You have been assigned as her personal guardian and guide in the journey south. The journey will be a long one and your duty to the princess takes precedence over anything else. But this will give you time to get to know this Princess of the Snow.



Enjoy a secure, private conversation with Sariah about anything. Really, anything. 😉



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Receive🔥 1/1 pics personally sent to you by Sariah. You won't want to miss this.

*Likes* Sariah enjoys the small things in life. She enjoys music and gardening. She likes to spend time chatting about things other than royalty. She has a great interest in the common folk life. *Dislikes* Sariah keeps the things she dislikes and fears secret. You will have to get to know her if you want to find out.



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