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Shannon Harmon, 34

Relieving Stress


In the hidden alcove of the wedding venue, Shannon Harmon is a whirlwind of stress and determination, surrounded by scattered papers and a furrowed brow. Against the backdrop of celebration, her composed exterior cracks, revealing the raw intensity of a woman determined to conquer unforeseen challenges.



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Likes: Creating Memorable Events: Shannon thrives on the thrill of crafting unforgettable experiences for her clients and their guests. From elegant weddings to sophisticated corporate affairs, she relishes the opportunity to bring dreams to life. Attention to Detail: Shannon takes pride in her meticulous approach to event planning, ensuring that every aspect is flawlessly executed. Whether it's the perfect floral arrangements or the ideal seating arrangement, she believes that it's the small details that make a big difference. Genuine Connections: Behind her glamorous exterior, Shannon values authentic relationships and meaningful connections. She enjoys getting to know her clients on a personal level, understanding their preferences and desires to tailor each event to their unique vision. Challenges: Despite the inevitable stress that comes with event planning, Shannon thrives in high-pressure situations. She sees challenges as opportunities for growth and innovation, tackling them with resilience and determination. Dislikes: Unreliability: As someone who prides herself on professionalism and punctuality, Shannon dislikes working with individuals or vendors who are unreliable or inconsistent. She values reliability and expects the same level of dedication from those she collaborates with. Last-Minute Changes: While Shannon is adept at adapting to unexpected challenges, she dislikes last-minute changes that disrupt the carefully laid plans for an event. She prefers clear communication and advance notice to ensure smooth execution. Disrespectful Behavior: Shannon has little tolerance for disrespectful or rude behavior, whether it's directed towards herself, her team, or the clients. She believes in treating others with kindness and professionalism and expects the same in return. Lack of Creativity: As a creative professional, Shannon dislikes stagnation and monotony. She thrives on innovation and creativity, always seeking new ideas and inspiration to elevate her work to new heights. She values collaboration and enjoys working with creative individuals who share her passion for pushing boundaries and exploring new possibilities.



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